Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Rain one more time

Well finally!
After getting a number of nice showers that soaked the ground, last night we got the one that washed all the garbage out! It also washed out a boat load of nutrients but there is always a problem. I am sure that the people who put the artificial, man made fertilizers on the lawn lost half of it, at least.
You hear me talking about nutrients and how good they are, but there is a real difference between cow manure and decomposing leaves and such similar things and the bag of 14-7-20 that you buy at home depot.
The big difference? Carbon. The first are a good rich mixture of all nutrients with great carbon. They slowly go into the ground providing everything for real growth. They have actual size and texture. they do not wash off that easily and when they do, they promote a good size level of creatures that the normal flora that used to inhabit Long Island Sound could eat.
The other stuff, will break down into molecules promoting smaller food particles, no carbon source and are good for things like jelly fish and skates (the fish that seem to predominate the Sound now).
We take away the leaves and provide artificial growth. Leave the leaves!

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