Sunday, August 28, 2011

I have not post in a bit

At least here and there are many portions to it.
It is NOT because...
i have lost interest in the environment
i do not have any thing new to say.
It is because i have become a bit discouraged, i am tired of fighting so many battles on so many fronts.
I fight disinterest with direct supervisors who really want issues to disappear and who contradict me at every chance they get.
 I fight politicalizations on subjects that should never be politicalized.
I fight myopic ideas and policies (the refusal to see past a single problem).
I fight people who absolutely ignore any fact that is different than their own opinion.

To say i get in a lot of trouble is an understatement.
In the process of looking at any problem, alway come up with a theory or a direction first (this is typical scientific inquery) and i let my self be guided in myfindings and many times come up with new conculsions.  This happen recently when i was of an opinion that the water along the coast was affected by ground water, reducing the salinity.  Turns out after i ask and got the proper samples, it was not so.  Easy to change my mind, i am not invested in my answers or my conclusions.  Most people are.