Monday, March 10, 2014

long time - no post

I have lost a few followers,
but i retired from doing this work so my fingers are not so much in the "pie", so to speak.
However, i do get to crow about things i have said in the past and one has come up.
Uranium, i worried about it and radon.
I spoke about testing both.
I talked about getting a scintillation counter to at least do radon in the water.
It was all for naught.
When people talked about cancers, i worried, we were not testing or even telling people to test for things that might be a cause.
The big push for pesticides was not wrong, the minuscule scale of testing in other towns (10 per district) has shown nothing, but we had tested over 40 before and found nothing.
Radon was found in very high amounts in the 1990s in a particular area of Stamford.
The lab suggested testing for the base radioactive materials that cause radon, but nothing happened.
I worried and then a well came back at very high levels and i brought it up.
it took some years, but the state started recommending this testing and a revision in the pesticide testing ordinance has it being tested.
Very few people have signed up, but of those that have 70% have found uranium in their well water, 25% of these were over the US EPA's maximum contaminant level.
This is a real problem and people need to be aware and test and treat their well water if it is needed.
THIS IS all natural, this is not good.
The only way to protect yourself  is to test,  it is not expensive.
Do it!