Tuesday, September 15, 2015

wasps, flies, ants and Windex

I tend to welcome wasps into my garden, they are the reason i am able to harvest my cabbage family vegetables.
I do not like them in the house, nor do i welcome flies and ants....
reach for the Raid you say?
Try something different.
Do not laugh, everyone who has watched "My Fat Greek Wedding"  knows about the old Greek father who believes Windex fixes every thing and i am half Greek...
Fast forward, where i am staying at a rural home and the wasps and the flies are inside...and there is no Raid.  What to do?  I grab the handiest thing, which was a bottle of windex - the one with ammonia and menthol.  I spray and they die, quickly.
Minimal residue, I like this a lot.
I tried it on ants, they dies also, but not as quickly.
Try it is all i will say, it worked for me

Thursday, September 3, 2015

i guess i will keep complaining RE: the mill river work?

This is supposed to be the city that works,
a few weeks ago I spoke of a halt on the project to put a carousel in the park because they had to knock down the older cherry trees.
The city dutifully put signs on the tress slated for removal, which no one could read because they were behind the construction fence.
The allotted time must of passed because there was a flurry of activity and the two trees were taken down...
there is one left standing.

After that activity, all work has stopped again...it had been a week since the trees were removed and all associated debris removed and all is quite...i took these pictures in the middle of the day and they were not on lunch.
Today i go by and there is still NO activity.

Ah the city that works or NOT?

I will continue my complaint, for every place needs to leave some space for pedestrians, but not these people and it will remain like this for another year or more the way they are working.

Now, i need to quickly point out the really, really good work that they have done...this stream used to be a stagnant pool...i tested those waters and they were awful and what they did with the Mill River is wonderful...so they need to take the bad, with the good.