Saturday, April 4, 2009

Rain ... again

The amount of rain we had normally does something that did not happen this year. Actually a lot of somethings. First it really soaked into the ground, There was no frozen soil 2 feet down to create that layer of muck that talks so much of spring. This has been a good spate of slow (except for the occasional down pour), steady rain and has not pushed a major "cleaning" of the pipes so to speak. The proof was in the results of shellfish water tests taken Wednesday and they were all clean. We waited until this spate of rain finished to make sure no major events occurred and Sunday the Shellfish beds will be opened.
All this simply says the stuff on land is NOT being pushed out to the Sound. This will stop an algae bloom for the spring which will not be good for young fish. Since hypoxia was so high last year Without a major algae problem, I think the people who wish to blame nitrogen for all the ills will need to look at things again.
I suggest looking at my Eureka Moment.

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