Thursday, April 23, 2009

A leason

I have done a number of posts on the quality of Long Island Sound and some of the things i have found in my testing.
Others who did much more in depth research have found that the size of the plankton determines which species are favored (Capriulo, G.M. (December 1996), Connecticut DEP Long Island Sound Research Fund-Alteration of the Planktonic Food Web of Long Island Sound Due to Eutrophication.).
The research showed that the normal flora of the Sound was being replaced with nano and pico sized flora.
Now back to my Statements, first let us consider made made fertilizers, which use the salts of Ammonium, Nitrate and Phosphate. When they are washed out, they wash out as salts, ionic molecules which are small and that would produce the nano and pico sized plankton.
Decomposing leaves, manure, sewage and composting organic materials are going to be found in larger clumps and will produce larger size plankton.
This is why I do not use man made fertilizer, but do use a compost of leaves and other organic items myself.
I have great vegetables - you can ask my neighbors.


matthew houskeeper said...

Good post!
We have eliminated much of the sewage and industrial discharges into the Sound, but the fertilizers are probably leeching in more than ever. Obviously the country clubs use them, but also so many homes now use them. Everybody wants a perfect lawn. Unfortunately, there is a cost.

have a good weekend!

Whitemist said...

Industrial discharges are a definite no no, but I would like to see a different approach to treatment plant effluent.
We now have the ability to kill the harmful organisms with UV light and it is established in the Stamford plant. The rest are things that you might call "give back" for what we take from the Sound. There MUST to be a cycle of nutrient replenishment for the fish that are taken. The current plans are to eliminate it all and part of the result is a lack of fish (overfishing doesn't help, like the big industry boats that eliminated the menhaden), but with proper management you could bring things back, but not if there are no nutrients to replenish the cycle.

Larry said...

I don't like fertilizing my lawn.-That would mean that I'd have to cut it more.I don't use any fertilizer-just compost.-My results vary but I always get some nice vegetables from my garden.