Monday, April 27, 2009


You knew this was coming, the post I mean.
The news is full of it, everyone is panicking, at least in Mexico City.
We have been watching this for a number of weeks and knew it was in the USA early last week,
It is the same strain as is in Mexico City and it is spreading very rapidly, but in the US, all the cases have been relatively mild with NO deaths.
So what is the buzz?
Every serious Health Official knows about the Spanish Influenza that killed 10's of millions and basically stopped WWI.
We all expect it again and look very hard to find any evidence of it.
We have a very good network of communication and investigation.
The news media is looking for anything sensational.
We are not crying wolf when we see a new flu that kills, we are being very, very cautious because when the time comes we will be prepared...and so will you.
Every one of us is less afraid of a terrorist than that little virus.
So you wonder? We are always looking!
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