Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The revision of an old well statue

From the state of CT on well testing and report.

This is a revision of Section 19a-37 of the public health code.

I believe it was an attempt to clear up language concerning reporting laboratory testing of water for home sales.

I read it through a couple of times and my eyes hurt.

I received some advice on how to review it and not to try to do it in my head.

Okay that was good advice; it meant that they read this blog and know this is legalese, not math.

It still hurt my head.

The attempt was, I believe, to say exactly who needed to report what to whom and under what circumstance.

For those of you who are scratching your head, there was something in the public health code that said, in effect, if you sell your house, the water must be tested 6 months before or 6 months after the sale and the results must be reported to the local director of health and while one lab did this (not including me), no other lab in the state did it.
This one says it must be reported to both the director of health and to the state by the lab doing the test.
There is more. a lot more and it begins to restrict power of how legislation can do and what health directors can and can not do.
The one that disturbed me was one limiting the health director from requiring pesticide tests unless there was a dump or nitrite levels were over 10(my plain langauge, not theirs)...this bothers me on many fronts.  pesticides do have to do with fertilizer, but not always, they have something to do with dumps, but not always.  I feels that they are trying to take control of something that shuld not be taken control of in the way they are.
There is a lot more.
This is the link to the whole giberish:
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