Wednesday, November 16, 2011

finally something worth while...

I keep hearing from different places “why don’t you publish that?”
Now publishing anything has its place, for me it is to disseminate information that might not be obvious to everyone.
Lately, the things that other people have wanted me to publish are on the well water issues I see in Stamford .
The reason is because what I have seen so far does not warrant the current sole emphasis on pesticides.
“They” don’t want to deal with the pesticide issue.
You get that information here because I want discussion on it.

I get that.

I also do not slight the issue of pesticides because I think we have horribly misused them in the past and I think still in the present.

I think other issues might have even more importance to our health, but I do not know for sure and want more information.

That is what my well water update has been, until now.

Now I have found some thing that I think is important to publish.

Here it is for discussion!

The information first
Coliform bacteria
(all wells)
average value

6.4 CFU
high value

3,900 CFU
total tests


Not potable

With only 1 CFU
Wells without pits
Total addresses
5.4 CFU
500 CFU
a CFU is a colony forming unit, the way bacteria are reported by a laboratory which uses a membrane filtration method.
Why is this important?
For a significant while, pitless adapters and having wells finish above ground has been considered the "gold standard" for well construction.
While wells with pits have been considered something that was a real source of contamination.
Now i have good information from well people that many of the "pitless" adapters have been poorly installed, giving a home owner a sense of security that they really were not entitled to.
What this means is that a home owner still must be vigilant, test the well for bacteria during a rainy, wet period periodically.  The fixes still are all about the seals and are usually simple.

The coliform issue is a strange one - i kind of stand in a place of saying it is not that big a deal while everyone gets all excited over it.
Coliform usually do NOT come from septic, but the soil that is everywhere...
There are places where it is an issue and i get excited about that, but a coliform is not e coli is not a major concern in my view.

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