Tuesday, November 8, 2011

finding missing pieces

I asked and received the pieces that were missing from my look at pesticide variability.
But they did not help cement anything because they were taken a full10 days before the one that i believe had a ale to tell.
They were important because i saw a window, a small time frame that might be a time for samples NOT to be taken if i want honest results for pesticides.  5 days was the windo and these were now before that window, they did not prove that my concept was correct, but they did not disprove it either.
The idea is simple - you ave many variables which infuence the water table and the water that a well draws from, this includes really different things like the tide level (in the ground water?, Oh yes!) and rain.
A dry period - a good one that normally occurs in August.  But the dry period is not enough because there still is the water from the reduced water table being pulled in from even furrther away.  then a significant rain, adding fresh water to the water table,  That is when you might get a Not detected.  That theory still stands and to protect the integrety of the information - the sampling will not be done around that situation.

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