Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Conversations with a true environmentalist

I have posted several times about the man I consider the "Patron Saint of Long Island Sound", mostly because he is so active in just so many aspects of the Sound.
He stops in the lab every now and then and just talks.
Today he started with me and how i am doing. Progressed on the legal work to deal with the East River tidal flow.
Lamented on the way the EPA's Long Island Sound office is stonewalling any requests to really look at the biology of the Sound.
Discussed how the good fishermen were having trouble finding the schools of peanut bunker that should be very prevalent this time of year.
These are juvenile Menhaden, which used to be a major commercial fish from Long Island Sound.
We went on to discuss taking samples on Nitrogen levels down from treatment plants when the Sound becomes calmer and doing a particle differentiation to see what size the plankton is now. Last grab sample showed everything to be still very small, below what the normal zooplankton want.
Talked about maybe Mike Pavia running for mayor of Stamford (I think that would be a very good thing).
We finished with a quick thing on the Scofieldtown park.
He is very knowledgable, good man to know,
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