Saturday, June 6, 2009

Stamford Beaches

Over the last 30 years of working at the lab in the Health Department, we have done some fairly major work on Stamford's beaches. It was significant enough that the research will be published in August the Journal of Environmental Health as the feature article.
So why is that the Parks and recreation department decided to extend West beach to the south with out doing appropriate water sampling? I do not know, but we are fortunate, we had a half inch of rain and we sampled the next day and that spot was not a good one. I had my doubts, but the couple of non-rain samples showed okay and I just waited.
The beach is adjacent an old, but very affluent section of Stamford known as Shippan. The mayor lives there. There are many other wealthy Stamfordites who live there. The infrastructure (meaning the sewer pipes especially) are old. The area was not part of "Operation Shellfish" in 1987, which basically went through every pipe and connection in the Cove area to see if there were any improper connections. It probably should have been.
That nice new part of West beach is now NOT open for bathing until we find out why the results were off and I think Shippan may be the key.
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