Saturday, December 19, 2009

New Info about hypoxia

This is a follow up to a Long Island Sound Muck sample.
It may have provided some answers, unexpectedly.
It may be pointing to a disaster that regulation will no longer solve.
The issue came about when I was asked by Art Glowka if there was any iron in the Sound sediment.
I knew there was because the H2S /carbonate/sulfate laden muck had now some Iron Oxide showing.
I had sealed the container some time ago and the only oxygen that would have been in there would be from the Quart container.
I never thought much about it, until Art asked the question.
I had thought that the H2S would deal with the oxygen and there would be no chance of oxidation, but here it was, not the entire contents, but small portions.
And the oxygen was gone from the container.
Someone else has proposed that there are anaerobic sink holes from the oxygen data in the sound.
The oxygen in the container was scavenged by the iron, that would cause a sink hole.
What has happen has happened, but no amount of regulation is going to get rid of this oxygen scavenger.
This is permanent and the only way to fix the problem will be to provide large amounts of oxygen to the system...directly.

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