Wednesday, December 16, 2009


I did not know where to post this, really.
One part is a commentary on people and my own attitude to my problems, the other is environmental.
The Stamford Advocate predicted a difficult meeting tonight on Scofieldtown issues.
People expect that the board will say that the contamination issues are not the dump and that the board is lying and covering up.
The question would be why would they cover it up?
Very few of them have anything to gain by covering it up, but what if all the facts point to the current contamination found not being from the dump?
Everyone wants someone to blame. They have health problems that "must" be coming form contamination.
As I have written before, this country has a long history of misuse of pesticides and it is coming back to bite us.
The problem will be if the "city" does not take some action to help the people who have or may have a problem.
The personal part; when they found that big old tumor in the back of my head, i was scared, but I did not blame anyone for its presence in my body. It was there, it had to come out.
It was no ones fault, get it out and let me go on.
That was the solution. it had serious consequences. That was not anyone's fault either. I am learning to deal.
The problem will be if officials say; "well its not the dump. Its your problem, we won't help in anyway."
That would be wrong.
A testing program needs to continue. When there are problems, filters must be provided.
Water company water should be expanded where it can. Wells need to be abandoned.
The dump needs to be cleaned up so it will never be an issue again.
That is all.
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