Thursday, July 2, 2015

Complaining again

I actually was unsure of which blog to put this in, so i will link it to my main blog as well and Visa versa...
Since i wrote about tall grass and ticks (the grass was cut the next day) in the Mill River Park, I figured this was appropriate.
A few days ago, after the ground breaking ceremony and a check was given to the city from the Mill River Collaborative (the city does love money coming in), a fence was put up blocking the sidewalk, with no notice and no signage saying the sidewalk was closed.  Well a few days after somewhat appropriate signage appeared (cause someone complained?) then I discovered this closure will continue for over a year.  This closure forces people, who would walk on the South side, to cross the very busy West Broad Street, which has had a number of pedestrian accidents for various reasons.
To say it makes my life difficult is an understatement and so here I go posting a complain.

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Granny Annie said...

I am so confused from all these medications that I have to take so I can't understand legitimate complaints. Hopefully little, by little things will begin to make sense.