Tuesday, May 7, 2013

time to realize what is happening

Arsenic, how wide spread is it?
Recent statements by physicians and patients would indicate we must be worried about our water...
but is that the real story?

I was privy to research sometime ago which i posted concerning levels of arsenic in our favorite health foods, brown rice and dark chocolate.
Now my favorite magazine , Chemical and Engineering News (C & E N) has done much more in an article which tells all of us chemist to share the news.
This is really important, since even those of us with arsenic in our wells might be more effected in the HEALTHY foods we eat.
This is also scary and is not dissimilar to persons who  consumed large quantities of canned white albacore tuna (the expensive kind and supposedly better for you), who ended up with toxic levels of mercury.
The other canned tuna did not have those high levels and did not create such a problem.

I would hasten to add that much of the bacterial contamination in salad greens have come from ORGANIC PRODUCE.

Scary, isn't it?

This is also not dissimilar to cases of lead poisoning where the main exposure route was through a child eating lead paint!

Beware - if you are concerned about your health be very careful what you eat!

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