Thursday, March 21, 2013

Preparing a tribute

there are many things that i could write on today, but things have come up and i feel the need of a tribute.
The Tribute will be for Art Glowka, the person i call the Patron Saint of long Island sound., but the tribute is not yet, but possibly soon.

There are many things that people simply do not realize about him that are very important to remember for he was considered a pain in the rear by many who did not want to answer his many very straight forward questions.
I could ask what were they trying to protect, but "They" are not important, it was that Art would ask the difficult questions that others did not want to hear.
He questioned the studies on the Long Island Sound, which continually blamed nitrogen.
He questioned mathematical models which said that the Sound flowed differently than old flow tests showed and what fishermen knew to be the truth.
He questioned the statements on the fish populations in the Sound, for every fisherman saw depletion  and he questioned the explanations given for it.
He asked why the Lobster population fell off after the tropical storm Floyd in the late 1990s and why no one made that correlation.
He made meticulous records of fish caught and their sizes.
He went to every public meeting for the Long Island Sound.
He headed the Shellfish commission for no money.
He fished regularly.
He helped the Health Department take water samples and brought his own in for curiosity sake.
He helped feed the poor and homeless on Thanksgiving and Christmas.
And he is a good friend.
I hope that if he passes, that he remembered as such.

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