Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Testing metals - lead especially

i know i have given the numbers for lead found both in first draw samples (the US EPA standard for initial collection) and samples that have been run - a total of 17.65% of over 400 samples in Stamford, but let me explain the importance.
A few years ago, a person not from Stamford (We did tests for anyone in CT), brought a "run sample for general testing and a first draw sample for lead and copper.
I ran lead on both and found both to be significantly elevated (over MCLs) in Lead.
The people had lived in the house a number of years and had moved in when one of thier children was a toddler.  The other 2 were over the age of 6.
The one child had learning issues, behavior issues and many of the other typical signs of lead poisoning.  The other 2 children did not.
Why these people waited so long to have the water checked is typical of homeowners and i believe that it created this tragedy.
The leasson?  Test for lead at the very least!
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