Thursday, November 1, 2012

disservice to the customer

This is not a restaurant review...

When "Sandy" hit, power was down all over.
The little (fill-in-the-blank) ethnic food establishment decided it would provide a service to its neighbors by opening up (or maybe it was just greed).
They had no power, but they cook with gas, no problem, right?
But the hot water is electric, so to wash their hands, it is only in cold water.
Okay i can deal with that, but then there is one more thing...
the refrigerators have no power and the little hole in the wall starts cooking at 11 AM for lunch.
Soon, with items being taken out of the refrigerator and freezer and with the ovens and stove going,
the temperature is no longer cold.
By 12 noon bacteria begin to grow in the food in these former safe zones.
Now, the E coli and Salmonella and camplobacter are not the worry, it is the simpler one, the bacteria that is everywhere normally that is the worry.
Staph, the kind that grows in your nose and in a cut.  It is everywhere.
It is also killed by heat, but it has a secret because by 6 PM, the organisms that are growing in the food in the refrigerators and freezers begin to produce a toxin.
The toxin is NOT destroyed by heat and so people begin to get sick.
The illness 's onset is rapid because it is a toxin and can be life threatening depending on how much a Person ingests.

If the power is down - do NOT go to the local food place where the power is also down, it will not end well.

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Anonymous said...

Uugggg, gross. That's why we'll only do as you suggest...go where there is power. :)