Friday, September 28, 2012

issues of Heavy metals and bacteria

This is not about well water...
Recent investigations have turned up significant levels of arsenic in rice, particularly high in brown rice and so much that the FDA is begining to act (Chemical and engineering news, Sept 25, p 25).
Further information showed significant levels of arsenic, cadmium, mercury and lead in chocolate, the highest levels found in dark chocolate (Released as an application note from Spectoscopy magazine)
In the news, you hear of salmonella, again, in natural, ORGANIC peanut butter.

All of these things are suppose to be good for you.
In my lack of information, i have wanted wells to be tested for arsenic, but the levels i have found in the wells pales in comparison the these reports.
It is scary.
As i llok of my database, of the 7,900 tests for bacteria in well water that i have performed since recording the ingfo in 1985, over  1,000 or 13% have not met the standards for bacteriological potability.
This is still the biggest, easily correctable issue a well can have.
enough said

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Whitemist said...

For facts and amounts - dark chocolate had as much as 2 ug Arsenic per 40 grams (Single bar). that is a lot considering the EPA limit in water is 10 ug/L. The rice had up to 6.7 ug per serving. now this is scary