Sunday, April 1, 2012

what if

you have doen everything correctly and things still come out wrong?
This is something every person dealing with food or pools comes to face at some point...

The Restaurant has to do with fish - a restaurant gets their fish and treats it correctly, keeping it cold before cooking and there is no smell.
But when it was first caught, the fisherman did not do what was right and the fish built up high levels of Histamines.
The restaurant was a good one, but numerous people became ill with what is called scobosis and soon people would not go back and the restaurant closed.
Was it the restaurants fault - no, but "things" happened anyway.
A pool follows all the protocals for a solid fecal accident, but a patron complained and inspection was done.
water was analyzed - levels of free chlorine and pH were perfect, but bacteria showed in the test.  Why?  did the poop cause this?
Probably not.  Everything was at a level there should have been no bacteria, but 2 subsiquent tests showed it still present.  Something may have crawled in to the filter and that would not been evident to any one - exceopt the test.  They were shut down till everything was taken apart and cleaned.
The leson is - you never know everything.
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