Monday, June 14, 2010

The turning point generation

And we are it!
Why from 1947 to 1977, we used pesticides and other sort of manufactured chemicals to "improve" our quality of life.
Pesticides were sprayed heavily on all fruits and vegetables making the consumption of such things "normal" .  This was to make crop yields higher and reduce damage by insects.
There was no such thing as organic and the amounts of pesticides those of us who are 33 or older have consumed are astronomical.
Some one some where figured out this might not be good for use and a quiet revolution that began in the 1960's, blossomed into a realization of what we were doing to our selves.
We did not have recycling centers and waste oil from changing our own cars oil to paint brush cleaner where dumped somewhere on our own property.
Slowly we became smarter to realize that may be this was not a good thing.
Pesticides were slowly changed or eliminated, recycling began, but we are the product of the things we and for some of us, our parents did.
We find this stuff everywhere and as we become aware, we try to eliminate it so our children do not face the same toxins.
The "blame game" that is so much a part of the current Scofield circus is sad.  Clean it up, absolutely!
Change the rules that allowed this, yes.
But we or our parents did this and we are the turning point generation, the ones who have to make sure our children do not deal with the same.
It is not time to blame anyone, but to work together to make change.
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