Sunday, January 24, 2010


I said I would not post until things were finished, they are not finished I and will not yet go into details, however, i will explain about my role.
From June 2009 when they gave me the results from the START testing performed under the direction of the EPA, every bit of analysis and result has passed through my hands.  And I have given each piece scrutiny.
Every single local official involved has heard my take on things, every single one has ask me multitude of questions.
Actions do not have to be based on what i say, but what ever i have said, has been heard.
Any resident calling in has heard the same story from me from almost day one.  My story has not changed and the case i have made has had more evidence come in its favor.

On the professional level, i have done this type of thing for 30 years.  I have directed investigations and found answers.  i have been brought before courts and what I have had to say has been borne out.
I have approached this just like any investigation, environmental, forensic or whatever comes into the lab.
I have nothing to lose by making anything up and anyone can be annoyed at me for what i say, but the reality is, I am the expert in this town.
What I have heard in the papers and in the meeting, i do not think anyone really wants to look at the big picture.  No one, not the residents, not the DEP, not the local decision makers want to face what may very well be a national issue.

Enough said on that.

As every one bickers over one thing or another, looking for some one to blame, they forget, we all are to blame.  Me also, because we never thought these things we used so profusely in the past, would effect us today.  it does not matter if we did not use them, we allowed them and now we pay the price.

The strange logic is no one is looking how all hydrologist view water wells of the depth that they are in Stamford.  They draw down and there is only twenty feet of casing between them and the surface.
Every hydrology books talks of it and all of them talk of septic systems being the primary recharge for a relatively (less than 500 feet) shallow water well

Enough of that.

If this becomes a legal issue, I still will not post on the subject and you will not here from me again unless you ask me as a resident in person.
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