Friday, October 16, 2009


I saw this in a public health presentation and knew it must be posted.
Normally i am very serious on the site and the various influenzas we are dealing with have many people concerned.
The vaccines are here. I got the regular one already and the H1N1 will be distributed soon, I will get that one also.
How about you?


Strictly Stamford said...

I see you talking about healthy people being most at risk, can you explain?

Whitemist said...

How does this work.
The issue is the immune compromised.
Influenza sets our immune systems on overdrive, this is where all the mucus and fluids come from. This is what kills.
A healthy immune system will really respond to a viral influenza infection and so your have a major issue. If there are other problems, such as heart disease or something not immune related, things get worse. This is what is deadly.
There is also some particular lung scaring noted lately, which makes me think of similar issues found in the 1918 influenza pandemic. that is my own thought, not verified bu anything.
The initial information come from a person well versed in immunology, microbiology and genetics for over 40 years.