Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Long Island Sound and rain

Any one notice that we have not yet had much rain this spring. We had loads of snow, but really very little rain. The snow is gone and the temperature is going up and down. Without a good rain to wash the decaying organic matter (read mostly leaves here) into the Sound, there will not be a spring algae bloom. the bloom is a bringer of life as many of the plankton eating fish come to feast, spawn and move on, The fish eggs, babies and grown-ups make food for other fish.
The question is, Are we going to have our cycle or not?
I bring this up because there are many things that may affect fish populations and weather is definitely one of them.
Catching winter flounder has been now restricted. This is rather ironic because the gentleman who I call the Patron Saint of Long Island Sound (1, 2, 3 and 4)tried to get winter flounder on the endangered species list a few years back and now it is. They told him was not ever going to happen, they were not endangered. Someone was wrong and it was not him.
I wait with "baited" breath (pun intended).
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