Friday, December 12, 2008

Rain and its effects

I actually loved the rain we got last night for many, many reasons.
1- this rain usually happened in the early fall, not the late and that means we might get a break for the winter.
2- there were still lots of leaves going into the gutters and storm drains.

why am I happy about this? To me it means lots of carbon and nitrogen going into the sound when it is cold, so the dissemination of food to the criters down in Long Island Sound will be a slow process and that is usually the best kind. There is one possible issue, something I discussed in the Eureka moment a few months back. The stuff won't be used for foo, instead the chemical decomposition will occur making it not food, but a poison, H2S. So am I write? If my Eureka moment is true , the Sound will be very dead this spring. I am waiting....

So I get to watch a discovery channel program yesterday and it completely verified everything Art Glowka and I have been saying in a round about way...The Long Island Sound part of the USEPA is killing the Long Island Sound by trying to clean it up.
The story was the testing of a theory, bringing up bottom nutrients from the ocean floor and suspending them in the area photosynthesis occurs. The purpose was to test a method of disposing of carbon, reducing the effects of CO2. The experiment worked for 18 hours before unraveling and failing, but in 18 hours it increased the level of plankton and therefore plankton eaters (IE. fish) by a huge proportion.
So by an inverse collalary, the more you stop nutrients from going into a body of water, the less plankton and plankton eater you will have. Meaning you will have less fish. And that really is what has happened in the Long Island Sound. Take notice USEPA, you have been 'busted' by the discovery channel!

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