Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Everything you ever wanted to know...about Bats

About Bats?????
These cute little vacuum cleaners of the night are a very important part of the maintenance of the insect world at night, sucking up their body weight in mosquitoes and other creatures of the night.
They are very active at this point and a very good creature to have around except when they get into you home. August is a 'nesting time' for them, but with the heat we are getting many calls concerning these creatures. The real issue is that 1% of the population carries rabies and they carry it with out necessarily appearing sick. If you find one in a regular room of your house, where people live, but do not sleep, get it out or get an animal control person to get it out and maybe get some one to check your home to see how they are getting in. IF YOU WAKE UP IN THE MORNING AND FIND ONE IN YOUR BEDROOM, THIS IS CONSIDERED AN EXPOSURE!
You might not be able tell if you were bitten because the teeth are so small, they may not leave a mark.
The bat should be captured, killed and brought down to the Health Department Lab immediately or kept cold until you can!

We will send it up to the Connecticut State Lab for testing for rabies at no charge to you and the results will be ready the next day.
If the result is negative - breath a sigh of relief and get someone to make sure more don't come in.
If it is positive or they can't get a result, you are going to need the rabies shots, which are a series of 5 shots over a period of a month which should begun within 10 days of the exposure. They are given at the site of the bite (if known) or in the arm.
The real problem is that if you wait and start to show symptoms, there has been only one person in the history of recorded history to survive.
Scary thought.

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